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Case Study: The wïsh centre

Two heads are better than one

The wïsh centre is a unique charity which helps prevent self harm, abuse and exploitation of young people. They do this through open ended therapy and counselling in schools and at the centre for free.

We worked with the amazing and dedicated people at the wïsh centre to get a thorough understanding of what they are about and the work that they do. This primarily involved the work they do with vulnerable young people as well as providing advice and training for Health Care Professionals.

Once young people find out about the help the wïsh centre can offer, they are never alone again and can rely on the wïsh centre to help them through their problems.

It was this thinking which formed the wïsh centre’s strapline, ‘effective together’ and the reason for the umlaut. Rather than one dot over the i of wish we have two. This symbolises two heads (or two people) and the thinking that two heads are much better than one. As the old adage goes, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Tone of voice was also very much central to the new visual language and always told from the point of view of the intended target audience. The umlaut was extended into top line messaging but rotated 90 degrees to form the wish centre’s version of a colon.

We provided a positive and sensitive new visual language which the wïsh centre has embraced. This included a full rebrand including a new content-managed responsive website, stronger social media presence and many other deliverables which are helping the wïsh centre to communicate their message effectively.

Response to the new branding has been amazing and we thank the wïsh centre for being brave in trying something new. This has provided a fresh new platform which is really helping them to raise their game.

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