Collaboration between external agencies and in-house marketing teams can add real value to deliver greater results.

At Courts Design we are constantly working in partnership with our clients to achieve their objectives and create exceptional marketing campaigns. We have years of experience of working both with clients directly as well as working in tandem with in-house corporate creative design teams to add value and deliver results.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”

Helen Keller

Collaboration with in house creative teams takes place in a number of ways. Our team can add expertise in a particular skill area, such as digital application development or brand and identity development. Adding expertise, resource, time and lightening the load to enable you to meet key deadlines. Our team are highly trained and experienced within their unique fields or practice to deliver fresh and exciting ideas to drive your business forward.

We recently collaborated with audio and visual solutions company Christie Digital on a website development project. Christie’s EMEA marketing team handle much of their creative in house, but for this particular project they were looking for digital design experts to bring the ideas for their new microsite templates to life. We worked in partnership with the team at Christie to produce a flexible website wireframe that they could then roll out across different products and solutions. Adding expertise in digital development, the customisable web wireframe we delivered included a multifunctional Content Management System (CMS). Working closely with the web managers at Christie, we integrated the new templates with their existing CRM system. High level tracking was built in to the coding to facilitate lead follow up and maximise conversion rates.

The Creative Production Manager at Christie said: “Courts Design has worked closely with us to add value to our team and turn our vision into a reality. They have proven to us that whilst we can create many projects in-house there is a time when collaborating with external agencies can deliver exceptional results.”

Courts Design is flexible enough to work as a standalone marketing agency or in partnership with in-house creative/marketing teams. As a full service creative agency with over 30 years of experience of delivering integrated marketing campaigns we listen, create and deliver branding, digital and exhibition projects for clients across a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical through to aerospace.

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Courts Design has evolved for over 30 years as a medium sized creative agency working in a number of industries from pharmaceutical through to aerospace.

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