Be More with SCG

SCG, a fast-growing cloud telecoms service provider, engaged with Courts to boost brand awareness and promote their vast portfolio of products and services following their successful rebrand.

The goal was not just to highlight their services but to inspire customers and prospects, showcasing the transformative possibilities they could achieve by partnering with SCG. To achieve this, we launched a creative campaign with the strapline "Be More"

Campaign strategy:

The "Be More" campaign was crafted to be both visually captivating and conceptually inspiring. It leveraged the universal human desire for self-improvement and growth, sparking curiosity about the untapped potential within everyone. 

Campaign objectives:

  • Inspiration: Evoke curiosity and intrigue, encouraging individuals to envision their potential.
  • Brand recognition: Foster a lasting impression, associating "Being More" with SCG. 
  • Engagement: Captivate the target audience and draw them into the world of SCG.
SCG Be More - Campaign Adverts.jpg

The "Be More" campaign's strategic blend of mystery, inspiration, and relatability was instrumental in engaging the audience and effectively communicating SCG’s transformative services. By tapping into the human desire for growth, it successfully piqued interest and ultimately led to increased brand recognition and engagement. The campaign became a testament to the power of creative marketing strategies in encouraging individuals to unlock their true potential. 

  • Be more mobile 
  • Be more connected 
  • Be more secure 
  • Be more visible 
  • Be more assured 
  • Be more together 
  • Be more ready 
  • Be more with SCG


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