Sonic branding: tap into emotion and the subconscious aspects of consumer perceptions

Sonic branding aims to establish a unique and recognisable sound signature that instantly connects with consumers, evokes emotions, and reinforces brand recall.

Key components of sonic branding: 

  • Sonic logo or brand sound: A distinctive melody or sequence that serves as the brand's audio signature. 

  • Brand theme: Some brands create a consistent musical theme that becomes synonymous with their identity. This can be used in various contexts, such as commercials, videos, and at events and exhibitions. 

  • Soundscapes: Creating ambient sounds or soundscapes that reflect the brand's personality. 

  • Jingles: Catchy and memorable tunes associated with a brand are often used in advertising.

When implemented effectively, sonic branding will contribute to a more holistic and immersive brand experience across all touchpoints.

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