Covatic came to us with a simple question:

'How do we tell our story?'

Their technically advanced new product, Serendipity, revolutionises the user experience for consumers and broadcasters. They needed to communicate to major broadcasters the value of their radical and innovative new solution.

The perfect script

Our expert storytellers and motion graphic designers worked closely with Covatic to deliver a 2-minute video. Having crafted the Serendipity story, we worked with the talented scriptwriters at Fourth Day PR to produce the perfect script.


Our production team brought the story to life through real life examples, demonstrating how Serendipity could fundamentally change the way people consume broadcast media.

The animation Courts produced was a turning point in our messaging. We were finally able to communicate our story clearly and effectively. We knew we had a brilliant solution that could transform the way people consume broadcast media. But we needed help to communicate it in a way that broadcasters would value. The animation that Courts produced used characters and graphics to communicate real life examples of the benefits which people could easily engage with.

COO, Covatic