From disorder to order: a launch campaign for Soliphen

The brief was to create campaign materials to help TVM sell Soliphen to its target audience of European Veterinary practices and wholesalers.

The only catch? We weren’t allowed to use photographs of dogs in any of the campaign. This worked for us as after analysing the general market and competition, we found it was saturated with dog photography, and we would never want or recommend creating something which simply blends in.

Soliphen Launch

Along with the logo and big idea for the campaign, we created various forms of campaign collateral with digital firmly part of the campaign strategy pipeline.

Full Advertising Image

Making a new product and campaign stand out in a crowded marketplace is always a challenge. The subject of the brief was a challenging one and Courts created something which is beautifully simple and has the flexibility to grow as we upscale the brand’s foothold in the market.

Marketing Manager, TVM