Sailing to success with Viking Cruises

In collaboration with Viking Cruises, Courts embarked on an exhilarating voyage of creativity to curate a compelling campaign that would not only showcase the magnificence of Viking Cruises' destinations and onboard experiences, but also resonate with the adventurous spirit of their target audience.

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Elevating Viking’s brand presence

The primary goal was to elevate Viking Cruises' brand presence and the "Top 10" theme aimed to engage and inspire prospecting passengers, inviting them to imagine the extraordinary possibilities that awaited them on a Viking Cruise.

Direct Mailer

In addition to direct mail and press media the campaign seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm, where a dedicated microsite served as the epicenter of the "Top 10" experience.


Igniting a spirit of exploration

By blending a visually captivating narrative with strategic multi-channel deployment, the campaign not only showcased the beauty of Viking Cruises’ ships and destinations but also ignited a spirit of exploration and wanderlust among its audience.

Top 10

We’ve worked with Courts for many years and over that time they have consistently delivered great creative ideas. They understand our brand and have been able to help us move our design style forward and keep developing our brand image. They always cope with the high volume of work we produce and never miss a deadline. All in all a great team and a pleasure to work with.

Managing Director, Viking Cruises UK
Bluewater Install