Industry experts Courts Design discuss the impact of digital media on exhibition stands and the visitor experience

Evidence suggests that integrating digital media into exhibition stands is a highly effective way to boost interaction and footfall, delivering greater returns from increasingly squeezed trade show investment.

Interactive materials can come in a variety of formats therefore selecting the most appropriate method is a critical choice. Infographics are a well-used way to deliver complex information in a simple, visually engaging format that is more memorable for the audience than a standard slide show. Touchscreens will encourage visitors to dwell whilst staff take them through more detail of product or service offerings. Combined with other interactive sales aides they ensure personnel are able to tailor the sales experience to each individual, selecting relevant products or services in a quick and seamless way.

3D models and product tours are an effective way to bring new products to life, enabling clear demonstration of key selling points. Alongside 3D animations, walk through videos and even augmented reality, these innovative digital media formats are being used in a number of ways to deliver a stunning brand showcase with real wow factor for visitors.

These different types of digital media are most effective when placed at the heart of the exhibition stand design. In the hands of experts, digital media works in harmony with stand design to create something unforgettable that not only delivers ‘stand out’ in a busy exhibition hall, but that also integrates with overall brand strategy and other marketing campaigns, creating a seamless brand experience.

Gary Sargent, Courts Design Ltd comments “Having just returned from ISE in Amsterdam, it is clear that companies are making huge investments in their digital media collateral. Allowing the audience to interact with product demonstrations and see their full capability through the use of interactive sales aides is delivering results and elevating the trade show experience to a new level.”

On site technology can also enable staff to track results in real-time using data capture applications, including visitor numbers and contact details. This facilitates post-event reviews as well as providing useful progress reports during the show.

When it comes to exhibition stand design, companies like Courts Design are uniquely placed to create award-winning digital media in tandem with exhibition stand design and construction. Our in house construction facility enables us to truly deliver from exciting concept through to outstanding reality. Our membership of ESSA (Event Supplier and Services Association) delivers you peace of mind that we are highly experienced in the particular demands of the exhibition industry.

As a full service creative agency with over 30 years’ experience we listen, create and deliver on all aspects of your trade show requirements, with all exhibition stand construction carried out in our own dedicated state of the art workshop located close to our studio.

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