When it comes to exhibition planning it is easy to focus on the show itself.

But what about after the tradeshow has finished? How do you maximise that interest you have created and extend those relationships once the exhibition hall doors have closed?

Event success can continue even after visitors have gone

Meeting customers at an event might be the first time they engage with your business. It should certainly not be the last. Even before the stand design is agreed, months before the event begins, it is important to think about post-event marketing. How will you capture the data you need to ensure all potential leads are stored and followed up? The right stand design can integrate data capture into your layout, ensuring a seamless relationship with visitors before, during and after the event.

Data capture and campaign planning

Two of the key elements to a successful post-event marketing campaign are capturing the right data and pre-planning your campaign. Timing is critical and activities need to take place in the hours and days after the show. Getting the creative designed before the exhibition begins, not only saves time, but also helps integrate your marketing with the current event campaign. Detail the data you need to capture and how will you use it.  This will enable you to design the correct data capture points in your event marketing campaigns.

  • Interactive games with built in data capture can be used in both pre-event marketing and during the show on your stand to capture names, email address etc.
  • Interactive content such as digital touchscreens, augmented reality and scan points on your stand can include built in data capture which can also highlight the customer’s area of interest.

Proven design expertise

At Courts Design our award-winning studio delivers not only exceptional stand design and construction, but overall event marketing campaigns. With both pre- and post-show marketing you can deliver the results you need from your investment.

For more information about how post-event marketing could enable you to maximise your ROI and deliver tangible, data driven results please email [email protected]. As a full service creative agency with over 30 years’ experience of delivering integrated marketing campaigns we listen, create and deliver branding, digital and exhibition projects for clients across a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical through to aerospace.