A cut above the rest

Every brand has a unique and exciting story to tell. Our job is to communicate your exciting story in a way that sets you apart from the competition.

Make Noise

When every brand is making noise, how do you make your brand shout loudest? Well, that’s our job… We’ll work with you to explore your offering and USPs whilst considering what makes your audience tick.


In a changing world of digital landscapes and platforms, reaching your target audience at the right time can be challenging. Our collaborative team will work collectively with you to ensure your communication is reaching your audience at the opportune moment.

Exploration Process

In order to create a unique and successful positioning for your brand/product/service we’ll collaborate with you to analyse the following areas:

Research/listen to your audience – understand what they want and why

Create a clear, effective brand or product message which resonates

Understand what makes your company / product / service  unique and amplify

Competitor analysis: Where do you stand, how well are you doing and how can you stand out?

We then explore the ‘why’ your audience should buy and create a positioning statement and foundation which:

Will resonate with your consumers / target audience (on multiple levels)

Identify the uniqueness and benefits of your product / service / solution and amplify

Differentiate you from your competitors

Turn KPIs and USPs into tangible benefits… “So What?”

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Communicate the Complex

It be a challenging task to communicate key features of complex products and solutions. We thrive on getting complex messages across in simple and visually engaging ways!